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"I am immensely pleased with the assistance SPECT has lent to management of my 46 patients who have had brain scans.  In combination with a thorough clinical history,
the scans help me recognize brain regions needing attention and provide the patient with tangible evidence of the syndromes and disorders we are addressing.  Very powerful.  I think every effort should be made to get SPECT scans, just like any other functional assessment of organ function in medicine, to inform management.  Sleep studies, bone scans, heart scans, sonograms, and many other studies help clarify what is present and what needs attention."

Richard L Grant MD

Clinical Professor of Psychiatry

University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria

"I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Robert Kohn Since 1994. We have worked together in state of Illinois residential, community mental health and private practice settings. Over the past 7 1/2 years I have consistently been impressed with Dr. Kohn's medical and clinical abilities. Trained in both neurology and psychiatry, he has a very sophisticated understanding of the workings of the human brain/mind. His clinical expertise is further complimented by his sophistication with regard to the use of Neuro-imaging Brain SPECT technology. His unique approach toward treatment is, in my opinion, of great benefit to his patients. He is committed to a holistic treatment philosophy and regularly enlists the support of providers of other related treatment disciplines (i.e. Psychologists, Cranial sacral / Osteopathic manipulation physicians , Eastern Medicine doctors who provide strategies such as Acupuncture and Chinese herbs). Dr. Robert Kohn is a very intelligent, clinically astute and caring mental health care provider, who effectively utilizes a multidimensional approach to treatment. I am proud of my professional affiliation with this very accomplished psychiatrist / neurologist. "

Dr. Ivan A. Wolfson 

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

"You have made a believer out of me.  The results of the SPECT were able to confirm a medical disorder that was not apparent.  The consultation with my patient and the medication has changed her life. Thank you."

John A. Atkin, LCSW   

"As a psychologist in practice for nearly 25 years and the mother of a seriously mentally handicapped adult daughter, I have found Dr. Kohn's approach using the SPECT scan to be extremely helpful in clearly identifying and accurately diagnosing mental disorders including, bipolar, attention deficit disorder, drug and alcohol effects, and other diseases.  His approach to medication for patients as well as my daughter has been outstanding and much more helpful than some other approaches.  I highly recommend using the SPECT scan and his approach to medication." 

Barbara Rose Grace, Ph.D.  

"After using SPECT on a number of my patients, I realized it�s an invaluable diagnostic and therapeutic tool to clarify complex diagnostic issues on brain disorders, and especially provide an accurate focus for treatment.  Dr. Kohn�s expertise in use of the SPECT supported the therapeutic approaches I put in place for my patients and resulted in dramatic changes for them."

Laurie Swift, LCSW

"I was impressed with the clinical insights that were gained from Dr. Kohn�s use of the SPECT technology in diagnosing patients with multiple brain and behavioral disorders.  This has lead the way for me to use SPECT more often, especially with patients suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Depressive Illness; Bipolar Affective Disorder, Schizophrenia and Multiple Sclerosis."
Ralph Mitchener, LCSW 


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"Dr. Kohn�s approach to treating individuals with ADD/ADHD has made a world of difference to my daughter.  Using the SPECT technology, Dr. Kohn was accurately able to assess my daughter�s condition and then treat her with appropriate medication and counseling.  Children deserve the chance to grow and be happy who they are as the individuals.  Not a day goes by that my family and I are not forever grateful for Dr. Kohn�s care in successfully treating my daughter�s disorder."


Parent of a child with ADD/ADHD

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"I feel quite strongly that the SPECT contributed to helping Dr. Kohn diagnose my depression and ADD.  Dr. Kohn showed me the areas of my brain from the SPECT photos that had abnormal activity.  He explained how these areas altered my mood and adversely affected my personality.  It was enough to convince me to try new medication that he prescribed and additional counseling.  I recommend anyone suffering from ADD to use the SPECT technology to help them with diagnoses and treatment."

C.T., patient

"Suffering from ADD, I met several doctors for treatment for my disorder.  Not satisfied with the results, I made an appointment to meet Dr. Kohn.  His approach to treating me was totally different from the other doctors I met with.   He prescribed the SPECT exam that I knew nothing about.  He explained how the SPECT worked and how useful it was in diagnosing and treating individuals with brain disorders.  The SPECT showed me exactly what was happening in my brain.  Through this exam, Dr. Kohn was able to prescribe medication that improved my condition.  Today I�m not the person I was a year ago, thanks to Dr. Kohn." 

N.K., patient

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